The Concept of art KARLSRUHE

This fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary art spans a spectrum of more than 120 years of art history. Art KARLSRUHE presents the complete bandwidth of the art of the 20th century, flanked by the latest artworks fresh the artists’ ateliers.

At home in the art collectors’ State of Baden-Württemberg, embedded in a dense cultural landscape with great private collections such as Grässlin (St. Georgen), Schaufler (Sindelfingen), Hoppe-Ritter (Waldenbuch), Museum Würth (Schwäbisch Hall and elsewhere) and Frieder Burda Foundation (Baden-Baden), art KARLSRUHE has established itself since 2004 as a permanent feature on the international art-fair scene.

Classic Modern and Contemporary uniquely arranged

Art after 1945 + Contemporary Art
Art after 1945 + Contemporary Art

art KARLSRUHE is unique thanks to its arrangement of gallery stands in interplay with spacious Sculpture Areas and One-Artist-Shows in comprehensibly structured, light-flooded halls.

Furthermore, art KARLSRUHE boasts a convincing curatorial concept, which also clearly assigns specific focal points to each of the four halls:

  • Hall 1: Graphic Prints + Original Editions
  • Hall 2: Art after 1945 + Contemporary Art
  • Hall 3: Classic Modern + Contemporary Art
  • Hall 4/dm-arena: ContemporaryArt 21

Interspersed in the landscape of gallery stands, the twenty Sculpture Areas add structure to the fair’s halls and create venues for contemplation. Each of these 100-square-metre areas offers gallery owners the opportunity to present one or maximally two artists. The interplay between three-dimensional art on an open area and two-dimensional art at the fair’s stands sparks enthusiasm among the exhibiting gallery owners and collectors.

The One-Artist-Shows (each with at least 25 square metres of exhibition space) embody a gallery’s commitment to a single artist. Each One-Artist-Show offers collectors the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the oeuvre of the exhibiting artist.

Topics of Interest

ContemporaryArt 21 at Galerie Gans, Vienna in Hall 4/dm-arena
ContemporaryArt 21 at Galerie Gans, Vienna in Hall 4/dm-arena

Every year at art KARLSRUHE artists of Classic Modern are presented by galleries in Hall 3. Art directions such as Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism or Constructivism can be found at the fair.

Art after 1945, art informel or informal art summarizes the styles of abstract or non-geometric, non-representational art. The focus of art after the Second World War is the free, spontaneous creative process. Art after 1945 can be found at the art fair in Hall 2.

Contemporary art can be found in Karlsruhe in addition to art after 1945 and classic modern in hall 2 and 3. The latest works fresh from the artists' studios can be found in Hall 4.

Curator and founding father of art KARLSRUHE

Ewald Karl Schrade - Curator and founding father of art KARLSRUHE
Ewald Karl Schrade - Curator and founding father of art KARLSRUHE

Ewald Karl Schrade

art KARLSRUHE was co-founded in 2004 by the gallery owner Ewald Karl Schrade and the Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH. The heart and head of this art fair is Ewald Karl Schrade, who has remained the fair’s curator to the present day. art KARLSRUHE is accordingly the only fair in German-speaking Europe that has been under the aegis of the same director since its inception.

About the person:

  • Born in Gomaringen in 1941, Ewald Karl Schrade is a German gallery owner. He began his education as a model builder, but lost his right hand in a motorcycle accident at age 19. This prompted him to train for a second career as an insurance salesman.
  • He became the director of a branch office of a savings bank, on the premises of which he opened his first gallery in Reutlingen in 1971.
  • Ewald Karl Schrade opened his second gallery at Mochental Palace in 1985, followed by an annexe in Karlsruhe in 1999. The gallery has been dedicated to Contemporary and Classic Modern art for the past four decades. Ewald Karl Schrade sees the focus of his gallery’s concept as the cultivation of connections to regionally rooted, internationally successful and globally recognized art.

Portrait Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre

We promote art mediation by gallery owners and thus do not primarily serve the institutional art market, it is about a passion for art - and this is appreciated by everyone involved. It is precisely for this reason that every year we honour private collecting with a special exhibition of our own and promote an introduction to collecting through the special show of graphic prints.

Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre