Sculpture Area

Joana Vasconcelos, Galerie Scheffel, winner of the Loth Sculpture Area Prize 2018
Joana Vasconcelos, Galerie Scheffel, winner of the Loth Sculpture Area Prize 2018

Spacious Sculpture Areas – A Trademark of art KARLSRUHE

Approximately 20 spacious Sculpture Areas are annually integrated into the fair’s halls, where they represent the broad spectrum of more than 120 years of art history. Ranking among the unmistakable unique features of art KARLSRUHE, the Sculpture Areas invite guests to linger, while simultaneously giving a more diverse and relaxed appearance to the landscape of stands inside the fair’s halls.

The year’s best Sculpture Area was awarded art KARLSRUHE’s Loth Sculpture Area Prize of the L-Bank, which is endowed with 20,000 euros.

The prize was awarded to the artist Joana Vasconcelos and the gallery owner Christian K. Scheffel, Gallery Scheffel (Bad Homburg).

The jurors in 2018 were

  • Dr. Ulrike Lorenz, director of Kunsthalle Mannheim [Mannheim Art Museum]
  • Dr. Söke Dinkla, director of the Museum of the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Foundation, Duisburg
  • Dr. Pia Dornacher, director of Museum Lothar Fischer, Neumarkt, Upper Palatinate
  • Alexander Heil, executor of Wilhelm Loth’s estate, Karlsruhe

Portrait Ewald Karl Schrade, Curator of art KARLSRUHE

Of course, it is easier for exhibitors to come to the fair with pictures, i.e. so-called ‘flat ware’. Sculptures often weigh several tonnes and encompass large volumes of space, so they demand much greater effort. But I am very pleased that we can annually display what is developing in the world of three-dimensional art. These unmistakable Sculpture Areas also create special accents in the fair’s four halls, where they beautifully manifest my idea of enlivening the architecture with a stimulating park-like landscape. We receive much praise for the Sculpture Areas, so we want to remain loyal to sculpture in Karlsruhe.

Ewald Karl Schrade, Curator of art KARLSRUHE
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