Special Show of Graphic Prints

Special Show of Graphic Prints

Many great art collectors who presently enjoy international renown began their collecting with graphics or other artworks in original editions. Affordably priced folios and multiples offer an opportunity to become more familiar with Classical Modern art and Contemporary art in the quiet surroundings of one’s own four walls. And more than one etching or silkscreen print, which may have been purchased with pocket money from young artist friends, sold for top prices years later.

The presentation of graphic prints at art KARLSRUHE documents the diversity of this medium with a display on circa 200 square meters of floor space and featuring artworks that are provided by the exhibitors, available for purchase and produced in small or very small series. The exhibit simultaneously presents a broad art-historical spectrum.

Curated Contributions

Once again, each exhibiting gallery is invited to submit high-quality graphic prints from the gallery’s programme for this special show. A jury composed of members of the Advisory Board of art KARLSRUHE curates the submitted items, thus ensuring the high quality of this special show.

The exhibited woodcuts, etchings, lithographs and silkscreen prints will again be special attractions at the upcoming fair. From Warhol to Picasso and from woodcuts to lithographs, the Special Show of Prints 2022 attracted once again established collectors and enthusiasts who are just beginning their careers as art collectors.