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Press photos are permitted for editorial use only. Press photos used, altered, duplicated and/or electronically modified for these purposes must bear the credit attached to the individual photo below as an indication of its source. Please feel free to contact the press officer at any time.

Please note: The rights and the conditions in the case of usage of works whose authors are represented by VG Bild Kunst must be clarified with the holders of the rights.

We would like to point out that image motifs protected by copyright can only be used free of copyright for twelve weeks before and four weeks after the event under the following conditions:

1. reference to the art KARLSRUHE event

2. reference to the copyright. In the case of image rights administered by the Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst e.g.: © (artist's name) VG BILD-KUNST Bonn, 2022 (for the year 2022).

Outside this period, the image rights must be acquired directly from VG Bildkunst.

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