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The Peter C. Ruppert Collection – Concrete Art in Europe after 1945
Victor Vasarely, Lapidaire, 1972, Acryl auf Leinwand 140 x 140 cm, Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg Sammlung Peter C. Ruppert – Konkrete Kunst in Europa nach 1945 Foto: Elmar Hahn, Veitshöchheim © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018
Victor Vasarely, Lapidaire, 1972, Acryl auf Leinwand 140 x 140 cm, Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg Sammlung Peter C. Ruppert – Konkrete Kunst in Europa nach 1945 Foto: Elmar Hahn, Veitshöchheim © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

In addition to this special exhibit in Hall 1, the programmes of the exhibiting galleries will also include numerous works of Concrete Art.

The Peter C. Ruppert Collection – Concrete Art in Europe after 1945

Right from the start, Peter C. Ruppert’s enthusiasm was sparked by reduction to the essentials, a salient characteristic of Constructive-Concrete Art, which is distinguished by rational composition of the picture and, at the same time, by surprising perceptual effects. Much patience and great specialized expertise throughout more than thirty years led to the compilation of “The Peter C. Ruppert Collection – Concrete Art in Europe after 1945”. Works by artists ranging from Josef Albers and Max and Jakob Bill, through Leo Erb, to Richard Paul Lohse, David Nash and others will be shown at art KARLSRUHE 2019. The Peter C. Ruppert Collection comprises a total of 420 artworks, including paintings, sculptures, objects and works on paper by circa 240 artists from twenty-three European countries. Initially on his own and afterwards in collaboration with his wife Rosemarie, this collector, who was born in 1934 and lives in Berlin, compiled a collection of Concrete Art which is among the most diverse of its kind and is unique in Europe. Its specialties include Concrete photography and works by artists from Great Britain. Nearly the entire collection is on permanent loan to the Museum im Kulturspeicher in Würzburg, where it can be viewed by the public.

Awarded the Bavarian Museum Prize in 2005, this museum unites two collections under its roof: Würzburg’s Municipal Collection and the privately owned “Peter C. Ruppert Collection – Concrete Art in Europe after 1945”. In the years since its opening in 2002, the Museum im Kulturspeicher has successfully established itself as a venue for Modern art in the historic Baroque city of Würzburg.

Josef Albers, Bright September, 1963, Öl auf Masonit, 121,5 x 121,5 cm, Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg, Sammlung Peter C. Ruppert – Konkrete Kunst in Europa nach 1945, Foto: Karl Arendt, ADF, Köln © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018
Josef Albers, Bright September, 1963, Öl auf Masonit, 121,5 x 121,5 cm, Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg, Sammlung Peter C. Ruppert – Konkrete Kunst in Europa nach 1945, Foto: Karl Arendt, ADF, Köln © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

Concrete Art in the Galleries’ Programmes – A Preview

Artists from the milieu of the ZERO Movement, including Bernard Aubertin, Piero Dorazio, Gotthard Graubner, Heinz Mack, Christian Megert, Otto Piene, Günther Uecker and others, will be strongly represented at art KARLSRUHE in 2019 and thus more than sixty years after Mack and Piene founded the ZERO Movement. A number of pictures by Constructivists such as Günter Fruhtrunk, who died in 1982, and Georg Karl Pfahler, who passed away in 2002, will likewise be shown at the upcoming art KARLSRUHE. This sixteenth edition of the International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art promises to offer a strong presence by “painters and sculptors of silence” ranging Josef Albers through Antonio Calderara to Victor Vasarely and Ludwig Wilding.

art KARLSRUHE – Classic Modern and Contemporary Art

A total of 208 galleries from sixteen countries will be represented at the upcoming art KARLSRUHE from 21 to 24 February 2019 at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. The Centre will be a showplace for art from a time span of more than 120 years. Moreover, twenty Sculpture Areas will create spatial situations that invite visitors to linger and 120 One-Artist-Shows will offer in-depth insights into the oeuvres of individual artists. The advisory board of art KARLSRUHE assigns the fair’s limited contingent of stands to nationally and internationally renowned galleries.

Specially trained art historians offer guided tours of the fair, providing a general overview of art KARLSRUHE or elucidating the exhibiting galleries and the presented artists in greater depth. In 2019, there will also be a guided tour focusing on the special theme of “100 Years of the Bauhaus”. This tour presents works by various Bauhaus artists and sheds light on the trailblazing educational institution, which promulgated ideas and articulated a formal vocabulary that remain influential today.

Monica Bonvicini Is the Winner of the Hans Platschek Prize in 2019
Monica Bonvicini

The Foundation’s award commemorates the late painter and author Hans Platschek, who ranks among the foremost pioneering and reflective thinkers and critics of artistic positions after the Second World War. The juror in 2019 is Bettina Steinbrügge, director of the Kunstverein in Hamburg and member of the board of the Hans Platschek Foundation. Steinbrügge nominated the Italian artist Monica Bonvicini as the newest Platschek prizewinner, who follows previous laureates such as Justin Almquist (2016), Jonathan Meese (2017) and Michael Kunze (2018).

Monica Bonvicini, who ranks among today’s most influential artists, creates artworks that reference sociopolitical conditions. Utilizing diverse expressive media (e.g. drawing, sculpture, installation, video and photography), she explores themes ranging from architecture and gender roles to control and power, while reflecting on the special significance of language and its effects. Her work has been shown worldwide in numerous one-artist-shows, group exhibits and biennales. Sculptures by Monica Bonvicini are permanently installed in Queen Elizabeth Park in London and at Bjorvika Fjord in front of the opera house in Oslo.

Monica Bonvicini’s artworks will be presented in dialogue with selected pictures by Hans Platschek at the Foundation’s stand in Hall 1 at art KARLSRUHE. The award ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 21 February in the ARTIMA art Forum at art KARLSRUHE.

Loth Sculpture Prize to Be Awarded for the Second Time

The Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, who is represented by Galerie Scheffel (Bad Homburg), was the recipient of the first Loth Sculpture Prize at art KARLSRUHE in 2018. The award, which is sponsored by the L-Bank and endowed with 20,000 euros in prize money, will be awarded for the second time at the upcoming art KARLSRUHE, when a jury of specialists will confer it on the co-creators of one of the twenty Sculpture Areas at art KARLSRUHE 2019. The Sculpture Areas rank among the unique features of the annual art fair. The prize honours both the sculptor and the gallery which represents the winning artist. The award ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. on Friday, 22 February in ARTIMA art Forum.

art KARLSRUHE Prize for the Best One-Artist-Show

A prize for the best One-Artist-Show has been awarded annually at art KARLSRUHE for more than twelve years. The state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Karlsruhe jointly honour the artist and the gallery owner who stage the best One-Artist-Show. A jury of specialists chooses the winning duo. The 15,000 euros of prize money finance the purchase of artworks from the winning One-Artist-Show. These newly acquired works become part of the art KARLSRUHE-Collection, which is administrated by the Städtische Galerie in Karlsruhe. The award ceremony begins at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, 23 February 11 in ARTIMA art Forum.

art KARLSRUHE 2019: the council has chosen 208 galleries from 16 countries
art KARLSRUHE zeigt 208 Galerien aus 16 Ländern

The fairground will become a showplace for art spanning a period of 120 years. In addition, 20 Sculpture Areas will create spacious situations and invite guests to linger, while 120 One-Artist-Shows grant profound insights into their artists’ oeuvres.

art KARLSRUHE’s advisory council will assign the limited number of booths at the fair to galleries from Germany and abroad. The selected galleries include exhibitors which are already well-known at art KARLSRUHE, e.g. Die Galerie GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Gilden’s Arts (London, Great Britain) and Schacher – Raum für Kunst (Stuttgart, Germany), as well as numerous newly arriving or returning galleries such as Klaus Benden (Cologne, Germany), Maryam Fasihi Harandi (Teheran, Iran), König (Berlin, Germany), Anna Laudel Contemporary (Istanbul, Turkey) and Karl Pfefferle (Munich, Germany).

Hall 1: Photography & Original Editions

Hall 1 at art KARLSRUHE is dedicated to art in original editions. Visitors will find artistic photography in its full spectrum from classical reportage, portrait, nude and architectural photography to conceptual, experimental, staged and abstract photography as vintage or modern prints, as well as a strong presentation of graphic prints. An exhibition area of circa 200 square metres will provide a special presentation area for graphic prints. The special show will feature prints, preferentially reproduced in limited editions, from the exhibitors’ collections, thus offering a broad art-historical spectrum.

Works by international artists such as Tony Cragg, Sean Scully and Cindy Sherman be will shown in the art fair’s booths by galleries such as Bernd Klüser (Munich, Germany), Eduard Planting Gallery (Amsterdam, Holland), Heike Schumacher (Überlingen, Germany) and Monika Wertheimer (Oberwil, Switzerland).

Hall 2: Modern Classic & Contemporary Art

The phrase “Modern Classic” unites various artistic positions which crystallized after the Second World War. Combined with established contemporary positions, the presentations from Hall 3 continued into the present day. Hall 2 accordingly brings together more than 70 exhibitors, including Galeria Cortina (Barcelona, Spain), Gimpel & Müller (Paris, France), Galerie König (Berlin, Germany), Nothelfer (Berlin, Germany) and Rother Winter (Wiesbaden, Germany), which offer a broad spectrum of established present-day art ranging from Art Informel through artworks from the Zero movement and Pop Art to trends from the genre of Concrete Art. A number of galleries will present special positions (e.g. Realism and Neo-expressionism) that are less frequently encountered. These galleries include, for example, Burkhard Eikelmann (Düsseldorf, Germany), Thomas Fuchs (Stuttgart, Germany), Ulrich Gering (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Pfefferle (Munich, Germany) and Schimming (Hamburg, Germany).

Hall 3: Classic Modern & Contemporary Art

Hall 3 invites its visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Classic Modern art. Art loverswill find artworks here in styles such as Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism and Constructivism. From German Expressionism as represented by galleries such as Ludorff (Düsseldorf), Thole Rotermund (Hamburg) or Schwarzer (Düsseldorf), to international Abstraction à la Calder, Chillida, Corbusier, Feininger or Picasso: numerous pioneers of these styles will all be on display here. A high-quality programme will be presented by the exhibiting galleries, which include Gilden’s Art (London, Great Britain), Koch-Westenhoff (Lübeck), Schlichtenmaier (Grafenau/Stuttgart), Fenna Wehlau (Munich) and many others. Hall 3 will also host works by numerous artists who belong to the post-war generation that invented Art Informel in the late 1940s and ’50s. This era’s spontaneous, gestural paintings will be offered by galleries such as Luzán (Berlin, Germany), Maulberger (Munich), Sina Stockebrand (Veltheim, Germany).

dm-arena/Hall 4: ContemporaryArt 21

A dense concentration of the most recent art awaits discovery under the rubric “ContemporaryArt 21” in the dm-arena/Hall 4 at art KARLSRUHE. Visitors can look forward to well-known galleries such as Martina Kaiser Cologne Contemporary Art (Cologne, Germany), Marek Kralewski (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany) and Schacher – Raum für Kunst (Stuttgart, Germany), which will show impressive works by artists from around the globe: e.g. from China through Poland to Germany. The international selection of the latest art will be further augmented by newcomers such as Cube Gallery (London, Great Britain), Goodwin Gallery (Hamburg, Germany), Meno Nisa Galerija (Vilnius, Lithuania), Alexander Ochs (Berlin, Germany) and others.

(A complete list of all exhibiting galleries is attached.)

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