12 Jan 2023

art KARLSRUHE 2023: The advisory board has selected 207 galleries from 15 countries

The upcoming art KARLSRUHE – Classic Modern and Contemporary Art (4 to 7 May 2023) will be a special one. Not only will it be the 20th edition of the Karlsruhe art fair, but also the last one curated by Ewald Karl Schrade.

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A total of 207 nationally and internationally renowned galleries will present their programmes in the four high-ceilinged and light-flooded exhibition halls. The participating galleries were chosen by the seven members of art KARLSRUHE’s advisory board at the end of December 2022.

Nationally and internationally renowned galleries

Art lovers can look forward to galleries from a total of fifteen different countries at the fair in May 2023. With 47 participating galleries, the European region is particularly well represented. Internationally renowned galleries such as Cortina (Barcelona), Gilden’s Art (London), gimpel & müller (Paris), Kovacek (Vienna), Laudel (Istanbul), Brita Prinz (Madrid), Rubrecht Severens (Maastricht), Várfok (Budapest) and Galleri MDA (Helsingborg) will make guest appearances at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. Gallery Tableau (Seoul), a renowned gallery from South Korea, will also be taking part.

Of course, big names from the German art scene will likewise be represented. They include Galerie Friese (Berlin), Ludorff (Düsseldorf), Osper (Cologne), Thole Rotermund (Hamburg), Schwarzer (Düsseldorf), Galerie Française (Munich), Samuelis Baumgarte (Bielefeld) and van der Koelen (Mainz). art KARLSRUHE will once again be a prominent meeting place for the regional and national art industry this year. Among the participants are 36 exhibitors from Baden-Württemberg, including Schlichtenmaier (Grafenau) and Yvonne Hohner Contemporary (Karlsruhe). Exhibitors from Berlin’s gallery scene will also be strongly represented: a total of 31 galleries from Germany’s capital city will show their programmes in Karlsruhe in May.

“We are very pleased that renowned galleries from Germany and abroad will again come together in our halls to jointly celebrate art, thus reaffirming Karlsruhe’s attractiveness as a location for art and creativity and, not least, as a UNESCO City of Media Arts”, says the fair’s director Britta Wirtz.

Art for all

A visit to art KARLSRUHE 2023 is like an excursion through the past 120 years of artistic creation. The fair spans a wide spectrum from classical modernism to the latest examples of contemporary art. “Based on the submitted applications, we can see that all the exhibitors who have been admitted to the upcoming art KARLSRUHE will again bring the best of the best to Karlsruhe”, reports founding curator Ewald Karl Schrade with satisfaction. The list of artists whose work will be shown at the upcoming edition of art KARLSRUHE is a veritable “Who’s Who” of the 20th and 21st centuries – from classic names such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró to the “Max Trio” (i.e., Beckmann, Ernst and Liebermann), as well as great pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. The leading German old masters of contemporary art will also be represented: e.g., Georg Baselitz, Gerhard Richter and Günther Uecker. The spectrum ranges from sought-after painters and sculptors such as Stephan Balkenhol, Tony Cragg and Neo Rauch to members of the youngest generation such as the draughtswoman Ambra Durante, who won the art KARLSRUHE prize last year.

Not only the styles, but also the price ranges on offer at art KARLSRUHE are wide-ranging. The spectrum begins with artworks in the low-threshold price segment and ascends into the seven-figure range. “Rather than appealing only to established collectors, our fair also deliberately targets a younger audience, to whom we offer an affordable introduction to the passion of art collecting. This is precisely what underscores our reputation as the most democratic art fair in the German-speaking world”, explains the fair’s project manager Olga Blass, who is one half of the dual leadership that will run the fair after the Schrade era comes to its close.

Special show by gallery owner Ewald Karl Schrade

On the occasion of his final curatorship of the annual art fair, this year’s special show bears the signature of its founding father, the gallery owner Ewald Karl Schrade. In recognition of his many years of dedication to art KARLSRUHE, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre invited him to present artworks from his collection in the traditional special exhibition in Hall 1. Following in the footsteps of other renowned private collections, including most recently the Frieder Burda Collection (2018), Peter C. Ruppert (2019), Hans-Peter Haas Foundation (2020) and Maria Lucia and Ingo Klöcker (2022), who have exhibited at art KARLSRUHE in previous years, a representative selection from Schrade’s collection will be displayed on approximately 400 square metres of floor space.

The presentation reflects more than 50 years of Schrade’s work as a gallery owner, during which time his collection evolved as vitally as art history itself. In addition to classic positions with well-known names such as Georg Meistermann, Walter Stöhrer, Erich Heckel, Karl Hubbuch, Shmuel Shapiro, Bernd Zimmer, Lore Bert, Cornelia Schleime, Marion Eichmann, Antonio Marra and HA Schult, Ewald Karl Schrade also focussed on young artists from the very beginning and accompanied their development over many years. Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Stefan Strumbel, e. g. Christopher Lehmpfuhl and Willi Siber.

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