art KARLSRUHE 2019: the council has chosen 208 galleries from 16 countries

A total of 208 galleries from 16 countries will be represented in the halls of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre at the upcoming art KARLSRUHE – Classic Modern and Contemporary Art, which runs from 21 to 24 February 2019.

art KARLSRUHE zeigt 208 Galerien aus 16 Ländern

The fairground will become a showplace for art spanning a period of 120 years. In addition, 20 Sculpture Areas will create spacious situations and invite guests to linger, while 120 One-Artist-Shows grant profound insights into their artists’ oeuvres.

art KARLSRUHE’s advisory council will assign the limited number of booths at the fair to galleries from Germany and abroad. The selected galleries include exhibitors which are already well-known at art KARLSRUHE, e.g. Die Galerie GmbH (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Gilden’s Arts (London, Great Britain) and Schacher – Raum für Kunst (Stuttgart, Germany), as well as numerous newly arriving or returning galleries such as Klaus Benden (Cologne, Germany), Maryam Fasihi Harandi (Teheran, Iran), König (Berlin, Germany), Anna Laudel Contemporary (Istanbul, Turkey) and Karl Pfefferle (Munich, Germany).

Hall 1: Photography & Original Editions

Hall 1 at art KARLSRUHE is dedicated to art in original editions. Visitors will find artistic photography in its full spectrum from classical reportage, portrait, nude and architectural photography to conceptual, experimental, staged and abstract photography as vintage or modern prints, as well as a strong presentation of graphic prints. An exhibition area of circa 200 square metres will provide a special presentation area for graphic prints. The special show will feature prints, preferentially reproduced in limited editions, from the exhibitors’ collections, thus offering a broad art-historical spectrum.

Works by international artists such as Tony Cragg, Sean Scully and Cindy Sherman be will shown in the art fair’s booths by galleries such as Bernd Klüser (Munich, Germany), Eduard Planting Gallery (Amsterdam, Holland), Heike Schumacher (Überlingen, Germany) and Monika Wertheimer (Oberwil, Switzerland).

Hall 2: Modern Classic & Contemporary Art

The phrase “Modern Classic” unites various artistic positions which crystallized after the Second World War. Combined with established contemporary positions, the presentations from Hall 3 continued into the present day. Hall 2 accordingly brings together more than 70 exhibitors, including Galeria Cortina (Barcelona, Spain), Gimpel & Müller (Paris, France), Galerie König (Berlin, Germany), Nothelfer (Berlin, Germany) and Rother Winter (Wiesbaden, Germany), which offer a broad spectrum of established present-day art ranging from Art Informel through artworks from the Zero movement and Pop Art to trends from the genre of Concrete Art. A number of galleries will present special positions (e.g. Realism and Neo-expressionism) that are less frequently encountered. These galleries include, for example, Burkhard Eikelmann (Düsseldorf, Germany), Thomas Fuchs (Stuttgart, Germany), Ulrich Gering (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Pfefferle (Munich, Germany) and Schimming (Hamburg, Germany).

Hall 3: Classic Modern & Contemporary Art

Hall 3 invites its visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Classic Modern art. Art loverswill find artworks here in styles such as Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism and Constructivism. From German Expressionism as represented by galleries such as Ludorff (Düsseldorf), Thole Rotermund (Hamburg) or Schwarzer (Düsseldorf), to international Abstraction à la Calder, Chillida, Corbusier, Feininger or Picasso: numerous pioneers of these styles will all be on display here. A high-quality programme will be presented by the exhibiting galleries, which include Gilden’s Art (London, Great Britain), Koch-Westenhoff (Lübeck), Schlichtenmaier (Grafenau/Stuttgart), Fenna Wehlau (Munich) and many others. Hall 3 will also host works by numerous artists who belong to the post-war generation that invented Art Informel in the late 1940s and ’50s. This era’s spontaneous, gestural paintings will be offered by galleries such as Luzán (Berlin, Germany), Maulberger (Munich), Sina Stockebrand (Veltheim, Germany).

dm-arena/Hall 4: ContemporaryArt 21

A dense concentration of the most recent art awaits discovery under the rubric “ContemporaryArt 21” in the dm-arena/Hall 4 at art KARLSRUHE. Visitors can look forward to well-known galleries such as Martina Kaiser Cologne Contemporary Art (Cologne, Germany), Marek Kralewski (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany) and Schacher – Raum für Kunst (Stuttgart, Germany), which will show impressive works by artists from around the globe: e.g. from China through Poland to Germany. The international selection of the latest art will be further augmented by newcomers such as Cube Gallery (London, Great Britain), Goodwin Gallery (Hamburg, Germany), Meno Nisa Galerija (Vilnius, Lithuania), Alexander Ochs (Berlin, Germany) and others.

(A complete list of all exhibiting galleries is attached.)

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