Photo : Golfe-Juan, France, August 1948. Pablo Picasso and Franç +

Photo : Golfe-Juan, France, August 1948. Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot Photograph by Robert Capa / International Center of Photography, New York—Collection of the Hungarian National Museum

Hungarian Photography

Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum is the oldest public museum in Hungary and is dedicated to the history of the country. The Historical Photo Department as a unit of the Museum collects, preserves and studies the photos related to Hungarian history. Currently, more than a million photos are kept here, more than 200.000 of which are filed individually, while the rest according to date and topic. Pictures taken outside Hungary belong to the collection as well. The most numerous photos depict the history of France, Great-Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain in the interwar period as well as the history of WWII. In 2008 the HNM purchased the so-called Robert Capa Masterselection III. Since 2009 the Museum has organized several exhibitons within and outside Hungary about the life and work of Capa who was born in Budapest in 1913 and became the iconic figure of world press history.

This special selection („8”) enable the visitor to retrace the stories behind the captured moments and to understand the role of press photos in forming our vision about modern history.

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Gábor Gerhes, neue Ordnung 05 2013, Foto-Lambda-Print 56x70cm

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center, Budapest, Hungary

A new and modern visual arts institute, the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center was opened in Budapest in December 2013. Among its tasks are the organization of national and international exhibitions; the foundation of a prestigious photography award; the presentation of national and international photographers and photography workshops; and the publication of works on the theory and practice of photography. Activities of the center also include foreign study tours, public discussions, lectures, thematic film screenings, and performances, along with events of other art disciplines. Established in the centennial year of Robert Capa’s birth, the Center supports its operational, functional, and program costs from state subsidies, grants, and its own income.

Exhibited artist: Gábor Gerhes, internationally-renowned contemporary Hungarian conceptual artist and photographer

Curator: Krisztina Jerger

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The program was initiated as part of the successful cooperation between art KARLSRUHE and ART MARKET BUDAPEST.

ART PHOTO BUDAPEST, the only international art fair in the Central and Eastern European region dedicated to art photography was established in 2014 as a specialized exhibition section of ART MARKET BUDAPEST, Eastern Europe’s leading contemporary art fair that hosts nearly 100 exhibitors from over 20 countries and an audience of over 25 thousand annually.

This new element of the international art photo scene strengthens the position of Budapest as one of the new capitals of photography. This recently established section of ART MARKET BUDAPEST welcomed exhibitors from ten countries already in its first year showcasing photographic content of a high standard, and on view at no other location internationally.

With a strong local tradition set by the great Hungarian-born masters of the twentieth century who significantly influenced world photography, such as Brassai, André Kertész, Robert Capa, László Moholy-Nagy, and others, with a background insured by an institutional and educational system that is rich and developed, and by an art fair that had already secured its international position, and with a professional base of photography found within the portfolio of nearly all Hungarian leading contemporary galleries, Hungary proves to be an especially well suited location for the realization of a unique international photographic program.



Czigány Skies, Várfok Gallery

Várfok Gallery

Várfok Gallery is one of the first privately founded galleries after the political changes of '89, showing contemporary art in Hungary. For more than twenty years since its inception the gallery sticked to its guidelines by mediating Contemporary Art of high quality in Hungary and abroad. Since 2011 Várfok Gallery extended its focus from paintings to photography and now represents three outstanding photographers: Ákos Czigány, Péter Korniss und Mátyás Misetics. Three artists, three generations and stiles, will present three different aspects of Hungarian Contemporary Photography at art KARLSRUHE 2015.

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INDA Gallery

Established in 2006, Inda Gallery represents young and middle-generationprogressive artists.The gallery exhibits five photographers, who are close the theabstract, conceptual tendencies. The visitors could meet with photo-sculptures from Balázs TELEK, the new series from Ágnes EPERJESI and the latest works from Lajos CSONTÓ. Another group will be represented by Imre DRÉGELY with his image experiences and with some works by Gábor KEREKES, who was the most important figure in the Hungarian photography. Besides this, the gallery provides a strong selection from limited series and unique photo books as well.

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