Arriving by plane

Air travel

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre has excellent connections to at least 4 airports:

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (a drive of approx. 30 minutes) and other major international airports such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart und Strasbourg (a 50–60 minute drive).


In cooperation with the local airport:

Free Shuttle Bus Baden-Airpark << >> Messe Karlsruhe

The company Hirsch Reisen provides a free shuttle bus for travelers to and from Baden Airpark exclusively for art KARLSRUHE.

Baden-Airpark >> Messe Karlsruhe

Date Flight arriving from Flight No. Arrival Time
Bus Departure
We, 21.2.2018 Hamburg EW7234 08:00 08:30
Thu, 22.2.2018 Hamburg EW7234 08:00 08:30
Sat, 24.2.2018 Hamburg EW7234 08:25 09:00

Messe Karlsruhe >> Baden-Airpark

Date Bus Departure from Messe Karlsruhe Bus Arrival at Baden-Airpark Departure Flight Destination Flight No.
We, 21.2.2018 19:00 19:45 20:55 Hamburg EW7235
Thu, 22.2.2018 19:00 19:45 20:55 Hamburg EW7235
Sun, 25.2.2018 14:30 15:15 16:15 Hamburg EW7235
Exhibitors' list art KARLSRUHE 2018

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Exhibitors' list art KARLSRUHE 2018

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The catalogue

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