ARTIMA art meeting - The art of the future

It has become a tradition for art KARLSRUHE to be accompanied each year by a two-day symposium which is open to the public and dedicated to issues facing the art business. The discussion in 2016 revolved around the controversial Cultural Property Protection Act. The focus in 2017 returns to art per se and especially to the art of the future.

ARTIMA art meeting

Insights and Confessions about Art

ARTIMA, the art insurance of Mannheimer Versicherung AG, which is also represented as an exhibitor at art KARLSRUHE, has long sponsored the ARTIMA art Forum, which offers a total of four public discussions, each featuring a female artist or art mediator.

Indeed, moderator Carl Friedrich Schröer will talk exclusively with women to “improve their quota in the cultural business”.

The dialogues focus on the question “How Did We Come to Art?” The open forum, which visitors can enter and leave whenever they wish, invites the audience to listen and to ask questions. This format enables visitors to gain insights into the motives that prompt people to become enthusiastic about art, to promote and patronize art, or to produce it themselves.

“The moment of truth”, says Carl Friedrich Schröer with a smile.

22 and 23 February 2018, 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

ARTIMA art Forum in the dm-arena I Hall 4

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Exhibitors' list art KARLSRUHE 2018

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