Special show by gallery owner Ewald Karl Schrade

Gallery Owner and curator of art KARLSRUHE: Ewald Karl Schrade. Photo: Henning Schacht

On the occasion of his final curatorship of the annual art fair, this year’s special show bears the signature of its founding father, the gallery owner Ewald Karl Schrade. In recognition of his many years of dedication to art KARLSRUHE, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre invited him to present artworks from his collection in the traditional special exhibition in Hall 1. Following in the footsteps of other renowned private collections, including most recently the Frieder Burda Collection (2018), Peter C. Ruppert (2019), Hans-Peter Haas Foundation (2020) and Maria Lucia and Ingo Klöcker (2022), who have exhibited at art KARLSRUHE in previous years, a representative selection from Schrade’s collection will be displayed on approximately 400 square metres of floor space.

The presentation reflects more than 50 years of Schrade’s work as a gallery owner, during which time his collection evolved as vitally as art history itself. In addition to classic positions with well-known names such as Georg Meistermann, Walter Stöhrer, Erich Heckel, Karl Hubbuch, Shmuel Shapiro, Bernd Zimmer, Lore Bert, Cornelia Schleime, Marion Eichmann, Antonio Marra and HA Schult, Ewald Karl Schrade also focussed on young artists from the very beginning and accompanied their development over many years. Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Stefan Strumbel, e. g. Christopher Lehmpfuhl and Willi Siber.