Gary Schlingheider, Galerie Burster, winner of the Loth Sculpture Area Prize 2020
Gary Schlingheider, Galerie Burster, winner of the Loth Sculpture Area Prize 2020

Open spaces for the three-dimensional

Almost two decades ago, Ewald Karl Schrade, the curator of art KARLSRUHE, invented the sculpture spaces and generously planned them in between the exhibitors' stands, so that free spaces and at the same time sculptural surprises keep appearing as you walk through the landscape of booths.

Portrait Ewald Karl Schrade, Curator of art KARLSRUHE

Of course, it is easier for exhibitors to come to the fair with pictures, i.e. so-called ‘flat ware’. Sculptures often weigh several tonnes and encompass large volumes of space, so they demand much greater effort. But I am very pleased that we can annually display what is developing in the world of three-dimensional art. These unmistakable Sculpture Areas also create special accents in the fair’s four halls, where they beautifully manifest my idea of enlivening the architecture with a stimulating park-like landscape. We receive much praise for the Sculpture Areas, so we want to remain loyal to sculpture in Karlsruhe.

Ewald Karl Schrade, Curator of art KARLSRUHE

The Sculpture Squares of art KARLSRUHE 2022

The 24 sculpture spaces at art KARLSRUHE 2022 will feature contemporary classics such as Walter Moroder (Galerie Albert Baumgarten) or Markus Lüpertz (Galerie Breckner), but also widely known sculptors such as Ottmar Hörl (Galerie Friese), Wulf Kirschner (Galerie van der Koelen), Herbert Mehler (Galerie Tammen) and Reiner Seliger (Galerie Schloß Mochenthal). Strong positions of the younger generation, including Dana Meyer (Galerie Rothamel) or Stefan Rohrer (Galerie Scheffel), are also scheduled. "From concrete art to manuscripts influenced by conceptual art to figurative sculpture - we expect a great variety in the sculpture spaces as well," comments Ewald Karl Schrade.

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden 2020 in the Atrium of Messe Karlsruhe
Sculpture Garden 2020 in the Atrium of Messe Karlsruhe
The sculpture garden, which is exclusively dedicated to outdoor sculptures, is made possible by the vollack group.
The sculpture garden, which is exclusively dedicated to outdoor sculptures, is made possible by the vollack group.

The Karlsruhe Vollack Group - experts in methodical planning, construction and the revitalization of sustainable, energy-efficient buildings - with several locations nationwide enables the sculpture garden as a sponsor and thus gives its own commitment in the field of art + culture even more appeal. Thus, the three-dimensional comes into focus again at art KARLSRUHE and complements the program shown.

Art project "Karlsruhe Multiple" - connecting nature and culture

In addition, the art project "Karlsruhe Multiple", which was initiated by the Vollack Group and is implemented with the Zoological City Garden Karlsruhe and the Majolika Manufaktur, was presented in the art KARLSRUHE sculpture garden.

The project, which was launched in 2018, is intended to connect culture and nature and show how they interact positively and is thus ideally placed in the area surrounding the green atrium of the Karlsruhe exhibition center. Starting with an elephant sculpture by the artist Anna Dorothea Klug (2018) over a red panda by the artist Daniel Wagenblast (2019), the Karlsruhe Multiple 2020 themed a further endangered animal species with a penguin by artist Klaus Gutowski.

Again, the animal was designed by a well-known artist, a limited edition as a serial art object and realized as a large sculpture for the zoo. The Karlsruhe Multiple 2020 was presented to the public for the first time at art KARLSRUHE and thus also took its place in the sculpture garden of art KARLSRUHE.

Loth Sculpture Area Prize of the L-Bank

The year’s best Sculpture Area was awarded art KARLSRUHE’s Loth Sculpture Area Prize of the L-Bank, which is endowed with 20,000 euros.

"I was extremely happy that L-Bank, the state bank for Baden-Württemberg, made it possible a few years ago to award the Loth Sculpture Prize worth 20,000 euros," says Ewald Karl Schrade. The curator of art KARLSRUHE, for whom the three-dimensional in art has always been a matter close to his heart, is particularly pleased for the sculptors and their galleries exhibiting at the fair. Because thanks to this award, since 2018 the achievement of transporting works that often weigh tons to Karlsruhe and showing them in the exhibition halls has been recognised.

  • 2018: The prize was awarded to the artist Joana Vasconcelos and the gallery owner Christian K. Scheffel, Gallery Scheffel (Bad Homburg).
  • 2019: The second awardee was the artist Jörg Bach and the Gallery Werner Wohlhüter (Leibertingen-Thalheim).
  • 2020: The third awardee was the artist Gary Schlingheider and the Gallery Burster (Berlin).

On Saturday, 19 February 2022, 3 p.m., Hall 3, the next Loth Award Ceremony is to take place. It commemorates one of the most important German sculptors, Wilhelm Loth, born in 1920, died in 1993. The sculptor, a passionate admirer of the feminine, a lifelong pursuer of beauty, taught at the Karlsruhe Art Academy from 1958 onwards, for around three decades, and inspired many artists of the following generation thanks to his figurative sculptures.