It is well worthwhile to combine a visit to the fair with a look at other cultural highlights in the UNESCO City of Media Arts.

During the week of art KARLSRUHE, your ticket to art KARLSRUHE also entitles you to free or reduced admission to numerous cultural institutions.

During the same period you will also be offered 10% discount for single entries (not combinable with other discounts) in Europabad, Therme Vierordtbad and Fächerbad.

You are most welcome everywhere!


ARTINI, 21.—24.02.2024, Kaiserstraße 120, 76133 Karlsruhe, daily 5 p.m. — 12 midnight

To coincide with the art KARLSRUHE art fair, we are opening a temporary art bar in an empty room in cooperation with art KARLSRUHE as a meeting point for artists, gallery owners, fair guests and everyone in Karlsruhe!

In the spirit of ato, we want to stimulate conversations and dialogues about urgently needed changes in the current art system, but also talk about ways of working together.


Champagne reception organised by Reichsrat von Buhl

9 pm - DJ set by Johannes Fleck


from 7 pm - Art market bingo with Stephanie von Rothe

9 pm - DJ set by Ubbo Gronewold


7 pm - Artist talk "It doesn't feed the beast" with Hannah Cooke: discussion about feeding and being fed in the art world and the professional challenges that come with it, moderated by Norina Quinte

9 pm - DJ set by Sebastian Heck


6 pm - Performance by Judith Milz

7 pm - DJ set "collected by Raumszene"

10 pm - DJ set by Smartini

During these cosy bar evenings, artworks by various artists represented by atos Netzwerk will be exhibited. Participating artists, curated this year by ato artist Sabine Adler and ato artist Tim Bohlender:

Uli Aigner (BER), Gin Bahc (KA), Alex Besta (KA), Tim Bohlender (KA), Daniel Bonaudo Ewinger (KA), Daniele Dell'Eva (WÜ), Maike Denker (MS), Linn Fischer (BER), Jonas Fleckenstein (KA), Axel Philipp (KA), Natascha Schoenaich (BER), Stephanie Senge (BER), Von Silberland (KA), Sibylle Wagner (BER)

With the Electric Eel as your bar host, you can expect a special atmosphere that promises cosiness and high-proof quality

Concept: ato

Bar: Electric Eel

Support: art Karlsruhe, Raumszene, Kulturamt Karlsruhe, Kazenmaier, Reichsrat von Buhl, Schweppes, Hendrick's Gin, Pépin x Vivants & Campari


A DRINK NOW? HIRSCHHOF - Backyard Collaborative


(Extended opening hours during the trade fair week)

  • DOM – Grill Kitchen Bar
  • '87 MAMMA LINA by Gina's
  • Guts & Glory
  • Klauprecht

On presentation of your art admission ticket you will receive a free welcome drink in each of the 4 locations.


Hallenbau-Party on Thursday, February 22,

ZKM Foyer Hallenbau, Lorenzstr. 19


7 p.m. - 9 p.m. | Get together for invited guests of the trade fair and the institutions

9 p.m.- 1 a.m. | Public party | free admission!

Foto: Horst Kistner

Photo: Horst Kistner

February22, 7 p.m., Waldstraße 95

Gallery owner Jo Elwert, initiator of this event, is looking forward to a lively exchange and local and international visitors to Südliche Waldstraße. He will open the exhibition on February 22 at 7 p.m. with a vernissage in the rooms of Galerie Elwert (Waldstraße 95).

On the occasion of art KARLSRUHE, the southern Waldstraße presents works by internationally renowned photographers with Karlsruhe roots. From February 22, the photographs of Ralf J. Diemb, Horst Kistner, Tom Kohler, Samuel Mindermann and Tom Naumann will be on display in the store windows and stores, inviting visitors to stroll and marvel.

These photographers are not only known for their international exhibitions from New York to Paris and China, but also for their award-winning work. This unique combination of outstanding photographic art in a joint exhibition is unprecedented and promises to be an extraordinary experience.

Gallery owner Jo Elwert, initiator of this event, is looking forward to a lively exchange and local and international visitors in the southern Waldstraße.

Location: Südliche Waldstraße, Karlsruhe

Date: 22.02. - 09.03.2024

Press contact: Jo Elwert;

International photo artists from Karlsruhe:

Samuel Mindermann

Hi, I'm Samu. Better behind the camera than in front of it. Laughs at least as much as his clients during shoots and can recite entire episodes of Scrubs by heart. Samu prefers to photograph the things that fascinate him: Lifestyle. People. Emotions. After training in one of Germany's leading advertising studios and 8 years of self-employment, he knows what photography is all about: feeling the interpersonal aspects, capturing the details and understanding the big picture.

Tom Kohler

Tom Kohler's photography not only depicts the visible, but makes it visible. "We only see when we open our eyes". His focus is on people, their emotions, moments that Tom Kohler captures like no other. He himself says "my pictures have their own visual language, are cinematic and more spatial. My strengths are pictures taken at the right time, which capture unique moments and show the very individual character of people in an obvious and spontaneous way". In other words, "strong pictures" - that tell a story, that are not only liked but also touching. Pictures that stay in your memory. His pictures have been presented in various exhibitions under the Puccini title "Visi d'arte, visi d'amore - Nur der Schönheit weihe ich mein Leben - I dedicate my life to beauty only". This twice at Art Karlsruhe, in the old stock exchange in Paris, in theaters (Staatstheater, Kammertheater) and museums / Weisser Kubus - Pemakultur-Weissenstadt. Since 2020, Tom Kohler has expanded his portfolio with filmmaker Marc Sporys. This led to the founding of a creative film production and social media consultancy and, since 2021, to the expansion with professional, unique drone recordings. The German Journalists' Association of Baden-Württemberg wrote the following about the 2021 winning photo entitled "Von Oben sieht man Unten": "We particularly liked the dynamic, euphoric mood of your photo." Tom Kohler is based in Hamburg and Karlsruhe and works mostly in Germany, France and Portugal. He has had photo shoots all over Europe, the USA, Canada, Central America and Iceland for magazines, various shipping companies, the travel industry, tourism associations, countries and regions.

Horst Kistner

Horst Kistner, born in Würzburg in 1969, trained as a photographer at the Lette-Verein vocational school in Berlin, which was founded in 1866. He then worked for 22 years as a food and advertising photographer for publishers such as GU, Bertelsmann and Time Life in London. In 2010, he ended his career as a contract photographer and devoted himself to his passions. Kistner is a photographic artist with a very high international reputation. His scene photography is exceptional. He has won 6 top-class prizes in recent years, the last one a few weeks ago in New York. Warmer than the work of Edward Hopper, more hopeful than that of Gregory Crewdson. They are melancholy interiors in cinematic light with the aura of a still life, bursting with symbolic power and enigma. Kistner's sense of composition, trained in classical painting, and the lighting make the photographs look like paintings.

Tom Naumann

Various exhibitions since 1993 in USA, France, Germany.

The viewer of Naumann's pictures is taken on a mysterious journey to the origins of light painting: into a world full of emotional movement and sensual abstraction. Tom Naumann transfers his imaginative, atmospherically dense spatial creations into a seemingly brief moment, into a two-dimensional pictorial language. In this way, time is compressed and becomes an independent expression in the picture. Technically, Naumann dispenses with the possibilities of digital image composition. His works are created through long exposure times and the use of blurring or light-reducing lenses.

Ralf J. Diemb

The photo artist RALF J. DIEMB, founding member of the Ateliergemeinschaft and the Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe, shows pictures taken in India, Turkey and other European cities and towns. Since 2007, Diemb has dedicated himself to the genre of street photography. As a photographer, he has since focused on simple life on the street, cultural life and visible working conditions. With his camera, he succeeds in taking snapshots that capture situations and rituals that are barely perceptible behind the façade. These are pictures of ordinary people with faces scarred by life, traders and craftsmen with the expression and charm of beauty and ugliness, joy and sadness. Pictures that tell stories and yet allow the viewer to make their own interpretations.

Nordbecken Festival 2019, Performance Jungin Hwang, ©Constanze_Zacharias

Friday, February 23, 2024, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Kunstrauschen Karlsruhe – The Long Night of Project Spaces

Kunstrauschen is an inspiring invitation to discover the hidden corners of Karlsruhe's art scene and take a fascinating journey into the world of art.

The city's independent project spaces and offspaces invite visitors interested in art to explore the city and the local art scene away from established galleries after the exhibition program. Karlsruhe has an incredible wealth of project spaces and offspaces that have been an important part of the city's cultural life for decades. Whether studios or rooms in private apartments, backyards or large halls - art takes place in every conceivable corner of Karlsruhe. These spaces, often run by artists, are places of self-determined artistic activity and experimentation that offer a unique insight into the work of contemporary Karlsruhe artists.

Parallel to art KARLSRUHE, around 15 of these project spaces will open their doors simultaneously for one evening for the first time this year, offering the opportunity to discover the sometimes hidden spaces in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know the artists personally.

The program is just as diverse as the various project spaces. Visitors can expect vernissages of artistic positions ranging from expansive installations in mold to sculptural explorations with delicate glass blowing in Schauraum B9, video works in dialog with drawings in the Rochade project space to musical and media art experiments in CIRCUS 3000 or even an art discounter in ßpace. Each project space designs its own evening program, providing a kaleidoscopic insight into the contemporary art landscape in Karlsruhe, which is only available on this evening.

Be part of this special art experience when Kunstrauschen conquers Karlsruhe! Open your eyes to new perspectives and don't miss the chance to explore Karlsruhe's vibrant art scene. The entire event can be visited free of charge and without prior registration. To make it easier for visitors to art KARLSRUHE to visit the project spaces, the exhibition shuttle will stop at various destinations in the city on the evening of February 23.

The participating project spaces are: Arthouse Atelier Karlsruhe, Atelierhaus Alter Schlachthof (including the group MuDiKu, Schrifthof e.V. and SOLOS), CIRCUS 3000, CU, die Anstoß e.V., Die Neue Fledermaus, Hinterhofstudios Irma Chacall, Luis Leu, mold-Projektraum, Nordbecken, Projektraum Rochade, Schauraum B9, Showroom Schmitt, V12, wieoftnoch.

Kunstrauschen is an event of the participating project spaces and offspaces, in cooperation with the Kulturamt Karlsruhe, UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe and art KARLSRUHE.

Further information on the program and the participating project rooms can be found here: and

DJ Pult

Saturday, February 24, from 10 p.m. at P8

The international DJ line-up provides the basis for a perfect evening.

All information about the After art Party

Art, music and lifestyle at the Kurhaus Baden-Baden

On February 24 and 25, 2024, we will create an unprecedented and emotional art event with vivid impressions for special people in the Kurhaus Baden-Baden, the center of the city. ART AND BEATS will combine art, music and lifestyle in a special way.

Saturday, 24.02.2024 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

  • 8:00 p.m. Opening with art exhibition and champagne reception
  • Afterwards: ART AND BEATS Night with the latest house and electro beats with DJ TEDDY-O and DAZE MALONE

Sunday, 25.02.2024 from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

  • Art exhibition in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Interviews with artists and sponsors
  • Grand prize draw
  • Finest beats with DJ DAZE MALONE

Premium exhibitor Tesla Germany offers test drives with the latest Tesla models. The free rides will take place on both days of the event from 12:00 to 19:00. The starting point is the Hotel ROOMERS.