Paper Square

Works on paper

art KARLSRUHE is known for offering its visitors an easy introduction to collecting art. At this point we want to establish a new section.

If you ask renowned collectors what the first work of art they acquired was, you will usually hear: a work on paper!

We would like to give galleries participating in other sections of art KARLSRUHE the opportunity to easily integrate this medium into their presentation. In addition, we want to offer galleries specialising in works on paper an adequate opportunity to participate. With the reduced minimum stand size of 25 sqm instead of 50 sqm, interested galleries will have another opportunity to attempt a low-risk, first appearance at art KARLSRUHE.

Based on the previous possibility of presenting prints at art KARLSRUHE, which many visitors have repeatedly described as a much appreciated, protected space for the personal discovery of art, we are developing a new area: Paper Square.