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Eleven years of the art KARLSRUHE-Prize for the best one-artist show

The jury will honour the duo of the gallerist and the artist who staged this year’s best one-artist show. The prize money, which is made available by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Karlsruhe, is used to purchase artworks from this annual presentation. After ten years of the art KARLSRUHE Prize, the time is now ripe for a special show which presents for the first time the artworks that were purchased during the past ten years and simultaneously shows how the art KARLSRUHE Collection presently appears. The art KARLSRUHE Collection will be presented by the Städtische Galerie, which provides a permanent home for these artworks throughout the year.

Once again in 2018, it will be interesting to see who presents the most compelling One-Artist-Show in the ARTIMA art forum, dm-arena

24.02.2018, 11:30am

Previous award winners in the overview:

2008 Reto Boller
Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart

2009 Thomas Müller
Galerie Michael Sturm, Stuttgart

2010 Julius Grünewald
Galerie Karlheinz Meyer, Karlsruhe

2011 Jens Hanke
Galerie Hunchentoot, Berlin

2012 Tatjana Doll
Galerie Klaus Gerrit Friese, Stuttgart

2013 Claude Wall
Galerie Angelo Falzone, Mannheim

2014 Jessica Buhlmann
Galerie Anja Rumig, Stuttgart

2015 Alfonso Hüppi
Galerie Reinhold Maas, Reutlingen

2016 Werner Schmidt
Galerie Werner Wohlhüter, Leibertingen

2017 Neringa Vasiliauskaite
Galerie Smudajescheck, München

Exhibitors' list art KARLSRUHE 2018

Exhibitors 2018

Exhibitors' list art KARLSRUHE 2018

The catalogue

The catalogue

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