The numerous one-artist shows are part of the successful concept of art KARLSRUHE. On a surface of at least 25 square meters, a gallerist dedicates his program to a selected artist, thus providing in-depth insight into artistic creation. Each year around 200 one-artist shows are shown at art KARLSRUHE, spread over all four halls. Each one-artist show of the fair is automatically nominated for the art KARLSRUHE prize.

They promote the perception of the individual position throughout the exhibition.

art KARLSRUHE-Prize for the most compelling One-Artist-Show

The art KARLSRUHE-Prize is awarded jointly by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Karlsruhe and is endowed with € 10,000. A specialist jury selects the most convincing individual presentation from all the One-Artist-Shows presented at the fair.

Immediately after the award ceremony, works by the award-winning artist will be purchased from the gallery, which will then be transferred to the art KARLSRUHE Collection. This collection is managed by the Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe and commissioned by the director, Dr. Brigitte Baumstark, supervised.

Prize Winner in 2018: Gallery Anja Knoess

Prize Winner in 2018: Gallery Anja Knoess

The prize was awarded in 2018 to Gallery Anja Knoess from Cologne and the artist Sarah McRae Morton from the USA.


The expert jury comments on its choice of the prize winner:

With Sarah McRae Morton, the jury of the art-KARLSRUHE-Prize honours an artist from the USA whose artworks convey into the present day painterly traditions, especially those of the 19th century, in a manner that is as independent as it is idiosyncratic. In an era marked by shrill statements and visually loud proclamations, this artist relies on a subtle vocabulary of images whose narrative elements are charged with subtle political messages. Born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1984, Sarah McRae Morton studied at the University of Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2007 and augmented her academic training with a stay at Trinity College in Rome in 2006. This sojourn enabled McRae to acquire experiences with European culture, which she afterwards productively evolved in paintings enlivened by references to art history and current events. The jury’s conferral of the art KARLSRUHE-Prize also expressly honours the work of the gallery owner Anja Knoess from Cologne, who strongly promotes the work of this 33-year-old artist.

Previous prize winners

  • 2018 Sarah McRae Morton Galerie Anja Knoess, Köln
  • 2017 Neringa Vasiliauskaite Galerie Smudajescheck, München
  • 2016 Werner Schmidt Galerie Wohlhüter, Leibertingen-Thalheim
  • 2015 Alfonso Hüppi Galerie Reinhold Maas, Reutlingen
  • 2014 Jessica Buhlmann Galerie Anja Rumig, Stuttgart
  • 2013 Claude Wall Galerie Angelo Falzone, Mannheim
  • 2012 Tatjana Doll Galerie Klaus Gerrit Friese, Stuttgart
  • 2011 Jens Hanke Galerie Hunchentoot, Berlin
  • 2010 Julius Grünewald Galerie Karlheinz Meyer, Karlsruhe
  • 2009 Thomas Müller Galerie Michael Sturm, Stuttgart
  • 2008 Reto Boller Galerie Mueller-Roth, Stuttgart

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