Dealing with the Coronavirus

We have summarized the latest answers to your questions. As soon as the dynamic development allows new findings and new recommendations from the federal state government are available, we will inform you about them here. Of course, we are also there for you personally and in our social media channels (twitter, facebook, YouTube, Instagram). Let us stay in contact!

We look forward to seeing you again, take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Your art KARLSRUHE team

Please note: The dynamic development of the pandemic situation does not allow for any reliable predictions. The FAQ's are constantly updated by Messe Karlsruhe in case of changes in the general conditions.

Status: 30.06.2020

Here you find answers to your questions:

Currently we are firmly planning to hold art KARLSRUHE from 25.2. to 28.2.2021. In order to give you the fastest possible planning security for the upcoming edition in times of great dynamics caused by the worldwide pandemic, we will inform you about our further steps and the results via all channels available to us such as e-mail, website, social media (facebook, Instagram, twitter) and of course also personally on the phone.

Trade fairs, and thus also the art KARLSRUHE, will look different on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic, because the health of all comes first. But after the lockdown, this is exactly the platform that is needed for the art trade to take off again.

Art needs a direct encounter and wants to be experienced - live and in color, so to speak, away from the pure online showrooms. In addition to its pure marketplace function (trading art), an art fair also serves as a networking hub and forum for the exchange of ideas.

We, the art KARLSRUHE team, and your collectors are hungry for personal contact with you and look forward to seeing you again in Karlsruhe!

That we will have a lower number of visitors is realistic due to various factors. There will probably be distance rules at the time of the event, which will lead to a lower density of visitors. However, we can assume that visitors who will come to the art fairs will be very interested in buying.

The application procedure for art KARLSRUHE 2021 ends on October 12, 2020, with the advisory board meeting taking place at the end of October. We have extended the application phase this year by about 4 weeks to give you the best possible planning security.

COVID-19 will accompany us for a longer time. Nobody knows reliably what the next months will bring. We as organizers are preparing for different scenarios in order to be able to hold an art KARLSRUHE 2021 safely. If, contrary to expectations, we as organizers have to cancel the trade fair due to official orders or infeasible specifications, we will find a solution together with you.

We are in intensive exchange with the responsible authorities. In our industry associations FAMA, IDFA and AUMA we are making an overall effort to clarify the general conditions under which trade fairs can take place again. Irrespective of this, we are currently developing an individual concept for each trade fair with extended spatial precautions, hygiene measures and IT solutions. The safety and health of all participants is our main concern. We will inform you as soon as possible about measures to be taken that will certainly change the "face" of the events.

We are already developing an individual concept for the art KARLSRUHE, which includes hygiene measures, compliance with strict hygiene regulations, plans for the density of people and visitor control as well as contact tracking. Ticketing will be an essential part of the future management and control of the density of people within the art KARLSRUHE.

In this context, Messe Karlsruhe is in constant close contact with the health authorities. The recommendations and instructions of the authorities will be implemented as soon as they are available.