Dealing with the Coronavirus

The dynamics of the proceedings surrounding COVID-19 continue to pose a great challenge to all of us and bring with them a lot of questions and uncertainties. In order to guarantee you and us planning security, Messe Karlsruhe has decided to reschedule the art KARLSRUHE from 21 to 24 May 2021.

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To inform you as reliable and up-to-date as possible, we have summarized the latest answers to your questions. As soon as the dynamic development allows new findings and new recommendations from the federal state government are available, we will inform you about them here.

Transparency, open cooperation and our health come first for us. Therefore, we provide you with information on the hygiene and safety concept and summarise the most important requirements of the authorities for you. The information is based on the current version of the Trade Fairs Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg dated 15.07.2020.

Of course, we are also there for you personally and in our social media channels (twitter, facebook, YouTube, Instagram).

We hope to be able to answer many questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns or if individual points have not been observed.

We are looking forward to the dialogue and will be happy to assist you. Hope to see you again in february. Till then take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Your art KARLSRUHE team

Please note: The dynamic development of the pandemic situation does not allow for any reliable predictions. The FAQ's are constantly updated by Messe Karlsruhe in case of changes in the general conditions.

Status: 04.11.2020

Questions and answers about your stay

Currently we are firmly planning to hold art KARLSRUHE from 21.5. to 24.5.2021. In order to give you the fastest possible planning security for the upcoming edition in times of great dynamics caused by the worldwide pandemic, we will inform you about our further steps and the results via all channels available to us such as e-mail, website, social media (facebook, Instagram, twitter) and of course also personally on the phone.

We are in intensive exchange with the responsible authorities. In our industry associations FAMA, IDFA and AUMA we are making an overall effort to clarify the general conditions under which trade fairs can take place again. Irrespective of this, we are currently developing an individual concept for each trade fair with extended spatial precautions, hygiene measures and IT solutions. The safety and health of all participants is our main concern.

Please read more here about concrete measures to be taken.

The German Federal Government has announced that participants in trade fairs (exhibitors and visitors) are to be treated as business travellers with important reason to enter Germany. This means that trade fair participants are allowed to enter the country, even if they are travelling from a non-EU/Schengen state or from a country not on the list of third countries from which entry is permitted (positive list).

Entry into the country is subject to certain conditions.

The following conditions apply upon entering the country or requesting a visa:

  • Trade fair exhibitors must present a confirmation of their participation (e.g. stand confirmation, invoice) from the event organiser
  • Trade fair visitors must present their ticket to the event and confirmation of a meeting with at least one exhibitor on site at the trade fair

This regulation applies immediately and to all trade fair participants from countries that are currently not on the German positive list, or that are listed conditionally (including Japan and South Korea).

More information is available here:

If using public transport, always observe the relevant rules. Here in Germany, it is compulsory to wear a mask while inside a vehicle and at stations. The grounds of the trade fair centre also offer plenty of parking space.

You find Information regarding travelling from abroad on the following websites:

Questions and answers around your visit of art KARLSRUHE

There are no requirements for individual halls or recreation areas. For us as organizers, there is a guideline for the number of persons, which is based on the event area. Measured by the number of visitors in recent years and in view of the size of the available event space at art KARLSRUHE, we expect almost as many visitors over the entire duration of the fair as in previous years.

Our first consequence is that we have decided to extend the very well attended opening day (Wednesday) to two days.

From the current edition catalog the obligation for registration and traceability of all visitors and participants of the art KARLSRUHE results. Messe Karlsruhe will carry out this registration in advance online, upon receipt/acquisition of the access authorization. This ensures compliance with the permitted number of admissions, guarantees a speedy procedure on site and controls the risk of queues.

  • Ticket sales take place online only. No ticket offices on site.
  • Every visitor must register in advance. VIP tickets, guest and honor tickets must also be registered in advance.

Thanks to the admission control system, we are always informed about how many people are on the exhibition grounds. In this way we create the basis for maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and ensure that contacts can be tracked. We also recommend using the Corona-App of the federal government.

In these times the art KARLSRUHE benefits from the fact that the layout has always been generous and airy. The aisle widths will be widened again in some places and we have decided to offer a route through the halls. This will give visitors and exhibitors another opportunity to experience the fair in a safe and relaxed manner.

Good ventilation is ensured by a separate airing concept with modern ventilation systems. The exhibition halls are equipped with modern ventilation systems, which are operated with the highest possible proportion of outside air and the lowest possible proportion of circulating air. In addition, the indoor air is increasingly replaced by fresh outdoor air.

Except for the fire doors, all hall entrances in the visitor circulation area will permanently remain open to visitors in order to reduce contact with surfaces. Door handles and handrails are nevertheless cleaned regularly. The sanitary facilities are also cleaned at high frequency. Sufficient hand washing and disinfection facilities are provided.

In general - as in the retail trade - the use of masks is compulsory.

This year, art KARLSRUHE 2021 will once again enhance the sculpture garden in the atrium between the halls, focusing on a pleasant quality of stay. Here you will have the opportunity to take a deep breath on 6700 m² of outdoor space, and while observing the minimum distance, you will be able to experience the sculptures and hopefully enjoy a little something to eat.

Likewise the mask obligation is omitted staying at tables for gastronomical.

Please note: registration is mandatory for direct communication at the trade fair stand

  • if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is not reached,
  • which takes longer than 15 minutes.

These contacts must be documented separately on the stand. We will be happy to provide you with a smart solution for this. Visitors can register quickly and easily using a QR code and their own cell phone.

Visitors, who first only look around or directly buy a product do not need to be entered again. Here all you need to do is register for the trade fair by purchasing an online ticket or redeem a guest card.

Should the regulations change, loosening may be possible.

Your trade fair participation - full cost transparency:

Trade fairs, and thus also the art KARLSRUHE, will look different on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic, because the health of all comes first. But after the lockdown, this is exactly the platform that is needed for the art trade to take off again.

Art needs a direct encounter and wants to be experienced - live and in color, so to speak, away from the pure online showrooms. In addition to its pure marketplace function (trading art), an art fair also serves as a networking hub and forum for the exchange of ideas.

We, the art KARLSRUHE team, and your collectors are hungry for personal contact with you and look forward to seeing you again in Karlsruhe!

The application procedure for art KARLSRUHE 2021 ended on October 12, 2020, with the advisory board meeting taking place at the end of October. We have extended the application phase this year by about 4 weeks to give you the best possible planning security.

Your registration for art KARLSRUHE is initially free of charge. Only after you have been officially admitted to the fair will a legally valid contract be concluded between you and us. You can withdraw your registration free of charge before admission is granted. After receipt of an admission, our "Special Conditions of Participation" apply, which you have accepted with your admission.

If you wish to cancel your participation in art KARLSRUHE 2021 independently of an official cancellation of the fair, 25% of the stand rental fee will be charged in accordance with the "Special Conditions of Participation" from the date of admission until March 1, 2021, and from March 1, 2021 the full stand rental fee will be charged.

COVID-19 and the restrictions it imposes will certainly be with us for a long time to come. Nobody knows reliably what the next few months will bring. This makes it all the more important for us as organisers to ensure that our events are carried out safely and reliably, taking into account all applicable regulations. Thus we are already preparing for various scenarios, so that we can act actively and an implementation of the art KARLSRUHE can be planned and remains so.

Understandably, you as an exhibitor are particularly concerned with the "worst case" scenario, i.e. that we as organisers have to cancel the fair due to official orders or unimplementable requirements. In order to calm down the worries associated with this scenario, we would like to give you some security especially for this case.

In the event of an officially ordered cancellation, you have the option of having your existing exhibitor registration changed to a new date. Alternatively, you can withdraw from the contract concluded with us. In case of uncertainties and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions and answers regarding your exhibition stand:

There are no special guidelines for the stand design. However, we do recommend that you plan your stand in such a way that the rules of spacing can be easily observed and that visitors feel comfortable. Our service team will be happy to advise you here with newly developed hygiene upgrades. Here, too, we have thought about your needs with the larger aisle width.

The following rule applies to the number of people on the stand:

the maximum number of people allowed on the stand is dependent on the size of the stand and to be determnined in compliance with the distance requirement of 1.5 m.

In order to provide all parties involved with sufficient space to comply with these control and the distance rules, all our visitor aisles messure at least 5 m in width. Therefore in front of your stand is additionally sufficient space.

We set up disinfectant dispensers at all essential points on the premises. We recommend that you keep hand disinfectant available at your stand to ensure safe hand hygiene. Our exhibitor service will be happy to advise you in due course on the implementation of the then valid regulations.